How do I get a refund for my sponsored post (Shoutout)?

Please read the requirements below:

a. It is understood that the sponsored post/celebrity shoutout is an additional purchase to your course and can only be completed by Adwizar Technologies once you have executed and agreed to the Sponsored post submission form terms and conditions.

b. Once your GrowthX Sponsored post form has been Submitted, received and signed by you, there will be NO REFUNDS.

c. Once you have purchased your sponsored post/celebrity shoutout, it is your responsibility to check your email to complete the form.

d. NO REFUNDS will be given to students who purchased Sponsored Post forms after 15 of your original purchase.

e. Adwizar Technologies is not responsible or required to extend your refund window if you input an incorrect email address. It is your responsibility to double check that all your information is correct prior to submission of your original purchase.

To request a refund, contact Customer Service in writing within 15 days of your purchase via through the blue "Need Help" button you may find when you log into the adwizar academy during regular business hours. Customers ineligible for a refund may be granted a partial refund in our sole discretion.

We are not liable for any refund amount due to technical problems on your computer, including but not limited to: printer malfunction, inability to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, and/or problems due to Internet connectivity.

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